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NZ Textile Reuse Programme

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The NZ Textile Reuse Programme was initiated by NZ Post who engaged The Formary to lead the collaborative project, inviting prominent New Zealand brands on board to create a step change in how end-of-life clothing is managed.

Clothing and textiles is a large and growing sector, it is estimated that 80 billion pieces of clothing are produced each year, three quarters of which will end up landfilled or incinerated. According to the NZ Retailers Association New Zealanders are now spending nearly $4 billion on clothing each year, this figure does not include the volume of corporate textiles, estimated to be 40 times greater than that of domestic textiles.

Stage One of the Programme completed in 2016 audited the waste textiles being generated by the participating companies to determine the scale of the problem. Local reprocessing solutions were assessed and a reprocessing model designed with the aim of producing environmental, social and financial benefits for New Zealanders.

Auckland City Council have provided funding for Stage Two - the establishment of a pilot aggregation centre to receive, sort and redistribute the end-of-life garments diverting them from landfill and converting them into feed stock for industry. We are delighted to welcome Alsco New Zealand and Wellington City Council into the programme.